Whisky Reflection Ratings

This scale may change at any moment. I am going to rate whisky to my preferences…meaning the things that matter to me. Whisky ratings are kind of worthless in my opinion because whisky tasting is a subjective thing. I am mostly doing it to be able to look back at the ratings later and see what I thought of a particular expression. So here goes…

Scale is a 100 point scale.

  • Presentation – 5/5 – Yeah, I know I know looks don’t matter but to me they do. This will include how the bottle & packaging look. This will also include the ABV because I believe in general higher ABV is better. A particular whisky may or may not lose points for a lower ABV but to be honest when I shop for a whisky I do look for higher ABV. Chill Filtration will also be included here. Points will be deducted if there is chill filtering going on because it’s stupid. Added color (E150a) will also likely cause a loss in points.
  • Nose – 25/25 – Pretty straight forward here.
  • Taste – 35/35 – Higher % here because while I really love nosing whisky a lot of the time I can really love the nose of a whisky and be very “meh” on the taste.
  • Finish – 25/25 – I have come to realize that the finish of a whisky can very easily kill the whole experience for me. This point value may or may not be raised at some point.
  • Value – 10/10 – I am cheap so at this point in my whisky “journey” I can’t justify some of the prices that they are asking for whisky. I’d love to try as many whiskies as possible but I just can’t afford it….I guess the kids have to eat. This will  be a quality vs price rating…I’ve had bottles that were $80 and worth every penny and had bottles that were $30 and not worth it.

So there it is – it may not make sense to you but it makes sense to me….in the end that is all that matters.