Whisky Review #43 – Talisker Storm


Intro – 40 reviews since I reviewed Talisker 10 we have the no age statement (NAS) Talisker Storm. Recently this expression has dropped in price big time….sales must have been lagging.  I picked it up for around $30 so I figured even if it was a weak offering I wouldn’t be out much cash. Bottled at 45.8% – colored and chill filtered as far as I know. The bottle says “An intense Talisker” which makes sense since younger peated whiskies usually display a stronger smoke character.

****Reviewed neat while listening to my Def Leppard Pyromania LP.****

Nose – rotten apples,  brine, classic  Talisker character, light on the smoke, an old band-aid laying on the coast, not as peppery as I remember the 10 year being, a dusty gravel road (reminds me of the smell of my parents gravel alley) sweetness underneath (caramel, vanilla, light fruits…typical bourbon matured notes) – dusty and dirty sawdust. Easy to nose…no burn.

Taste – very sweet up front, caramel, sugar, slightly fruity, here comes the pepper…and now it’s gone. Taste follows the nose but it’s a tad weak. It has definitely lost a bit of punch since I opened it.

Finish – unpleasant sweetness, smoke, pepper, some wood. – short finish.

Favorite Part – The nose.

Conclusion – I wouldn’t call it “An Intense Talisker” but I wouldn’t call it a bad Talisker either. Not as much pepper, brine and smoke as the 10 year old but those notes are still there. It’s more like Talisker Breeze. Definitely not as complex as the 10 year old but for $30 I think it’s worth it. The old price of $60 was a joke and I’m glad Diageo came to their senses. It was a lot more punchy when I first opened it so watch the level in the bottle. While I have enjoyed it I think in the future I will probably spend the extra money and get the 10 year old. It you like smoke and would like to try a Talisker I’d say go for it.


  • Presentation – 3/5
  • Nose – 17/25
  • Taste – 25/35
  • Finish – 14/25
  • Value – 9/10