Whisky Review #14 – Tomatin 12


Intro – The single malt that started it all. I had been toying with the idea of trying Scotch whisky for a few months. So I flippantly suggested to my wife that she buy me some Scotch for my 35th birthday. She picked out a bottle of Tomatin 12 after some guidance from a local liquor store employee. This is the 2nd bottle of Tomatin 12 I have owned. Bottled at 43%, colored and chill filtered (it doesn’t state any different). Sherry cask “finished”. Pretty sure I paid around $25.

****tasted neat on 03/04/2016****

Nose – Sherry, malt, cereal, vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, slight alcohol burn…there seems to be a fight going on between the bourbon casks and the sherry finish – one isn’t dominating the other…but they aren’t getting along either. floral, small grassy note….sweet malt.

Taste – honey, alcohol burned sherry, oak and wood, vanilla (bottle says apples and pears…i get neither) – sweet up front quickly turning to a bitter alcohol burn.

Finish – short finish, salty nuts, weak sherry….that’s about it.

Conclusion – I find the sherry finishing in this whisky to be very weak. I get more classic bourbon flavors – vanilla, caramel and oak. I would still suggest Tomatin 12 as a cheap starter Scotch whisky. I will probably not buy another bottle. Their older offerings may be an option in the future. With all the money I have spent on Scotch whisky since my 35th birthday….my wife may regret buying me my very first bottle. 🙂

Rating –  59/100

  • Presentation – 3/5
  • Nose – 15/25
  • Taste – 20/35
  • Finish – 13/25
  • Value – 8/10

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