Whisky Review #12 – Highland Park 12


Intro – Described at the great all rounder, Highland Park 12 is a great whisky for beginners and a staple to have in your whisky collection. 43% ABV, chill filtered but natural color. Sherry cask matured. Paid $43. Highland Park 12 is in my list of top 5 Scotch whiskies for beginners. Check it out

****tasted neat on 03/01/16 – from a small bottle which was decanted from the original bottle****

Nose – Slight sherry, spice, smoke, reminds me of a sherry mellowed version of Talisker 10 without the brine and salt. pepper, small amount of peat (not islay peat) not medicinal in character, sweet caramel

Taste – pepper, sherry and smoke, smoked red fruits…berries. baking spices…cinnamon and nutmeg, caramel

Finish – medium finish, soft, wood, pepper, spices and smoke (not peaty)

Favorite Part – The Taste. (barely over the Nose)

Conclusion – I highly recommend Highland Park 12. The nose and taste are very good. The finish could be better but it doesn’t take away from the experience. I also recommend it as a gentle introduction to the smokey side of Scotch whisky. Complex, characterful and engaging.

Rating – 77/100

  • Presentation – 4/5
  • Nose – 21/25
  • Taste – 29/35
  • Finish – 16/25
  • Value – 7/10

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