Whisky Review #3 – Talisker 10

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Intro –

This was my first whisky from Talsiker and it hopefully will not be my last. Talisker is from the Isle of Skye and from what I have read is smokey but a different kind of smoke/peat when compared to the typical Islay whiskies. 45.8% ABV – Paid $47 – Since it is from Diaego and it doesn’t say it on the bottle I’m calling it chill filtered and artificially colored.

****Notes were take from my Whisky Journal – Tasted Neat on 10/15/15 – taken from a small bottle which I had decanted from the original bottle.****

Nose –

Briny, salty pepper, very individual smoke, sweet cigarette smoke, apple and pepper rubbed over a charred piece of wood.

****My 7 year old daughter said “Smokey & Fruity”****

Taste –

Pepper, band-aids (cheap weak smelling band-aids), not Islay medicinal or smokey, Highland Park kind of smoke flavor to me,  easy to drink even with a higher ABV

Finish –

Pepper, short to medium finish which is not too peaty.

Favorite Part – The Taste.

Conclusion –

During this tasting I wrote…”I used to love it but after being away from it I lost the desire. I guess that means it is hit and miss for me.” Since that tasting I have had it a few times and have enjoyed it. Thinking back on it now I would say this is a solid whisky which I would buy again. Rumors have said that low stocks may cause it to be discontinued in the future. Grab a bottle while you can.

Rating – 80/100

  • Presentation – 3/5
  • Nose – 21/25
  • Taste -29/35
  • Finish – 20/25
  • Value – 7/10




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